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Don't let pain get in the way of life.  X-Pain was designed with hard working people in mind.  Small enough to take anywhere, the X-Pain spray stick is there when you need it, goes on in a second, and works fast on muscle and joint pain.

Just about every topical pain product today uses menthol as a main ingredient.  These menthol-based products only mask pain using hot-cold sensations as a cover-up.  X-Pain is a true breakthrough in pain relief.  X-Pain is menthol free, odorless, and works by reducing the actual, real pain.

For Hard Working People

Not Another Menthol Product


Works for tough muscle and joint pain where menthol-based products fail.

Convenient spray stick size. Take anywhere, get relief anywhere.

Menthol free, odorless, 100% natural and homeopathic.


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